Upper KS2

Our Year 6 Production!

All backing tracks:

Newly added:  Who Will Buy Singing?

      21 b Who Will Buy Singing
  1. opening scene:
          1 Overture And Opening Scene


  2. Food glorious food:
          2 Food Glorious Food


  3. Oliver:
          3 Oliver

    3a. End of scene:

          3a end of scene


  4. Shall I scream:
          4 I Shall Scream


  5. Boy for sale:
          5 Boy For Sale


  6. That’s your funeral:
          6 That's Your Funeral

    6a. Intro: Where is Love

          6a Into 7 Where Is Love


    9. Consider yourself:

          9 Consider Yourself (3verses)

    11. You’ve got to pick a pocket or two:

          11 You've got to pick a pocket

    12. Intermezzo:

          12 Intermezzo

    13. It’s a fine life:

          13 It's A Fine Life

    14. I’d do anything:

          14 I'd Do Anything

    15. Be back soon:

          15 Be back soon

    15a. Capture of Oliver:

          15a Capture Of Oliver

    16. Oom-pah-pah:

          16 Oom-pah-pah

    17. My name:

          17 My Name

    18. As long as he needs me:

          18 As Long As He Needs me

    20. Where is love reprise:

          20 Where Is Love- Reprise

    23. It’s a fine life reprise:

          23 It's A Fine Life (reprise)

    24. Reviewing the situation:

          24 Reviewing The Situation

    26. As long as he needs me reprise:

          26 As Long As He Needs Me (reprise)

    28. Reviewing the situation reprise:

          28 Reviewing The Situation (reprise)

    30. Consider yourself finale:

          30 Consider Yourself (FINALE)