School Day

The School Day

8.40 am

First bell – children choose whether they want to go into class or stay in the playground.  Key Stage 1 children who want to stay outside have to play on the key stage 1 playground and must be supervised by their parents.

8.55 am  

Second bell – any children outside walk into their classrooms for registration.

 10.45 – 11.00 am        Playtime – whole school



12.00 – 1.00 pm Lunchtime

 2.00 – 2.15 pm   Playtime for infants only


3.15 pm             End of School




 Assemblies last approximately 20 minutes and are as follows:-

Monday 10:20 am whole school

Tuesday 1.10 pm Singing and worship

Wednesday 10.30 am KS1 (KS2 in class worship)

Thursday 10.30 am KS2 (KS1 in class worship)

Friday 1.10 pm whole school Celebration Assembly

(or class led assembly for parents at 9.10 am then whole school

at 1.10p.m. All classes lead one Assembly during the year).

 Arriving in School

Playground supervision starts at 8.40 – children should not arrive in school before this time.  (If your child needs to come earlier than 8.40 then you should contact the out of school club – OSCARS)

All children should be at school by the time the second bell rings at 8.55am.

For security reasons parents are asked not to come into school building with their children at the beginning of the day.  Please go round to the office at the front of the school if you need to pass a message to the teacher.  Thank you.