Medication in School

 All medicines brought into school must be taken to the office for safe keeping; the only exceptions to this are asthma inhalers, which are kept in the child’s class. (If your child has asthma, please complete an asthma card, available from the office)   Cough/throat sweets should be handed into class teachers as many of these have maximum daily doses.  If your child has an allergy that requires an epipen, please contact the office. Please notify Kathryn in the office if your child has an ongoing medical condition so that correct measures can be taken in the event of an emergency.

If you need your child to have medication whilst at school you will need to give your permission in writing and complete a Request to Administer Medication form available from the office.

Please note that administration of medicine by school staff is purely voluntary and the school has no legal obligation to administer medicines.  We will try to accommodate written requests whenever possible but the school will not take responsibility for pupils missing medication.  Staff are only deemed competent to administer oral medicines – for ear and eye drops parents must decide for themselves if the staff member willing to administer them is competent.  If there is no member of staff willing to administer medicines as requested then parents will need to come to the office to administer medication themselves

For full details please ask for a copy of the Managing Medical Needs Policy.

 Suncream: If your child needs suncream please apply before they come to school as staff are unable to help.  Children may bring named sunhats into school to wear during break times and PE.