School Council

School Council

Our school council consists of a representative from each class, elected every year.

The aims of school council are:

  • Represent the ideas and opinions of pupils
  • Improve the school for the pupils
  • Make it a happier and  safer place to be

We have just received the 2015 Speakers School Council Award with a Highly Commended

Highly commended badge 2015

The school council meet several times each term with Mrs Drew to discuss suggestions and work on projects to improve the school for the pupils. Last year they worked with Gary Bristow (Governor) to design a new school logo. They introduced this to the parents and school and organised a fashion show to show the logo on the new school uniform.


 The elements of the logo were selected by the pupils to represent different aspects of our school:

Our motto is included “Becoming the best we can”

Our close relationship with St Peter’s church

The centenary wheel is a notable landmark in the village

All 4 house colours are included (red, blue, green, yellow)

The tree and the fox show the importance of wildlife (we are an eco school)

The fox also represents our link with St Peter’s church as the Rev Foxe was the first vicar of the church.