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From Easter Aspens are replacing the current paper copies of the menus for parents with electronic versions on their App and website.  Click on Paperless Letter Primary for full details.



Children can have school dinners, their own sandwiches or go home for lunch.

For our most up to date dinner menu see the link: Option_1_Primary_Summer_Menu_2018_

From 6th June 2016 our catering provider has been ‘Aspens’, please click on the link for more information:-     Aspens Catering Service Website



School dinners cost £2.20 per day (£11 per week) as from September 2016. The majority of the food is home cooked in the school’s kitchen using local produce where possible.  There is always a vegetarian option.  The food is served in a cafeteria style system with children choosing their own meal.  Junior lunchtime helpers assist the infant children to carry their plates to the table.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSchool dinners are paid for using an on-line payment system which is used to pay school dinner and all trips.  You will need to register with an e-mail account. The system allows you to keep up to date with all your payments to ensure payments are made on time.



All children in EYFS and KS1 are entitled to free meals and also some children are eligible for free school meals due to personal circumstances.  If you think you may qualify please contact the school office for a form.  Free school meals are treated very discretely and it is very unlikely that other children would be aware of which children were having free school meals.


For sandwiches, your child will need a clearly labelled lunchbox. It is very important that your child takes home their lunchbox every day.  Any containers left for more than a couple of days are disposed of for hygiene reasons.  Breaktime snacks should be kept separate from lunchboxes.


Nut Allergies

We strive to be a nut free school.  We have children who have severe nut allergies which can be trigged by being in the same environment as nuts.  For this reason we ask children not to bring in any nut products into school for snack or lunch time.


Snacks at Playtime

The school kitchens provide toast (10p per slice), and milk (40p per carton) during morning play.  Children are allowed to bring their own snacks but please make them a healthy option as we are a healthy school eg fruit, carrots, cereal bars etc.  Sweets, chocolate and crisps are not permitted.


Children under 5 years of age receive a free carton of milk, usually after playtime in their classroom.  This continues until the end of the week in which they are 5.

Water Bottles: We encourage children to drink water throughout the day.  There are water fountains in the infant and junior corridors and also in the junior playground.  Children can bring their own water preferably in a sports style bottle with a drinking cap to limit spillage.  This is kept in the classroom and can be drunk throughout the day.  Please make sure that your child’s bottle is clearly labelled and that it only contains water not squash or other sweetened drinks.  Please make sure your child brings their bottle home at the end of each week for hygiene purposes.


Free Fruit & Vegetable Scheme

We currently take part in the governments scheme to supply all infant children with a free piece of fruit or veg each day.  This varies from apples and bananas to carrots and baby cucumber.  All infants are encouraged to try the different items offered.  It is usually eaten just before afternoon break.

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