Early Years

Early Years Foundation Stage

Starting School

In the September before the child is due to start school, an official application form is sent to parents for return to South Gloucestershire Council, usually by mid October. The outcome of the applications is usually made known to parents in the spring term – when offers of places are made.

We have 45 places available in reception each year. In the event of the number of applications exceeding this, South Gloucestershire Education Authority offer places to the children fulfilling certain criteria.  Unsuccessful applicants are offered places at other, nearby schools.  There is an appeals procedure.

During the summer term prior to the children starting school, parents will be encouraged to complete a booklet with their child.  New parents will also be invited to an evening meeting when they have the opportunity to look around the school and meet adults who will be involved with your child in their first year.  Children who go to Crossbow and other local playgroups will visit the school with playgroup for a morning session.  Parents who children don’t go to playschool are also invited to these sessions.

On the first day of the Autumn term parents, accompanied by their children will be given an appointment to meet with the class teacher.  These arrangements have proved beneficial in helping children to make a really positive start to their school life.

The First Four Weeks in School:  in order for the teachers and children to form good relationships, half the class are invited to spend mornings in school for the first week whilst the others join us in the afternoon.  This arrangement is reversed for the following week.

Week 1      Group A mornings                        Group B afternoons

Week 2      Group B mornings                        Group A afternoons

Week 3      Group A morning plus lunch* Group B afternoons

Week 4      Group B morning plus lunch* Group A afternoons

Week 5           Group A and B full days

 The National Curriculum is divided into Key Stages:

The Foundation Stage: The Foundation stage has a separate curriculum covering ages 3 to the end of Reception.  The Foundation stage is organised into three prime areas and 3 specific areas of learning.  These are:-

  •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  •  Communication and Language
  •  Physical Development
  •  Literacy
  •  Mathematics
  •  Understanding of the World
  •  Expressive arts and design

Here is a link to all the objectives your child will be assessed on during their Reception year: New EYFS AoLs (The bold statements at the bottom of each section are the Early Learning Goals and the lighter statements are the 40-60 months criteria)

The Early Learning Goals: ELGs, notes and Exceeding poster

Throughout the Reception year all children will be taught these seven areas.  The children will also be gradually introduced to the Literacy and Numeracy strategies, which commence at the start of Year 1.

Useful Websites:

Here is a link to our online learning journals portal (tapestry): https://eylj.org/login/

Bugclub (reading books on line): http://www.bugclub.co.uk/

Mathletics: http://www.mathletics.co.uk/

Phonics Play: www.phonicsplay.co.uk

Parent Workshops

Reception Parent Workshop for reading Sept 14

Maths Early Learning Goals



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