Welcome to the numeracy page.


At FCCE, numeracy is taught every day, but not only in maths lessons.  We handle data in science, we think about distance and measure in PE, and weight and capacity is very important in cooking!

This is often how children first become aware of the importance of maths skills, so there are lots and lots of things you can do at home to help your children along. Telling the time, counting money and finding change, the chances of winning a board game, the distance to friends’ houses and so on, all help your child apply their number and calculation skills, from the very youngest children in reception, right up to those year 6s preparing for Sats and secondary school.

Every child in school has a Mathletics password- you can ask your child’s teacher to provide you with their login. Take a look at the Mathletics website- there are hundreds of activities adapted to your child’s needs and abilities.

On these pages, you’ll find the policies we work to when teaching maths. You’ll also find videos of the four functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), recorded by local maths experts (whose voices you may recognise!) to help you along with carrying on your child’s education at home.

Maths Parents Map PDF