Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Tree

Welcome to the Curriculum Tree of Frampton Cotterell Church of England Primary School
 We wanted to create a focal point for the school so everyone can find out about life at Frampton Cotterell Primary School.
Our Curriculum Tree
Our Curriculum Tree
 Look at the roots, here you will see all the values we feel make our school a special place to be. These underpin everything we do in school.

The fruits on our tree, show the skills and attributes we want our pupils to have learnt by the time they leave our school. These are Communication, Understanding the World, Successful Learning and Challenge.

Up in the canopy you can find out all about the topics and activities each of the year groups are doing at the moment. Lots of the activities have been suggested and initiated by the children, through discussion and their desire to discover and find out more.
This will change as our topics change so keep looking up into the canopy to find out what is making our school buzz!


Information on the new Curriculum 2014

We are completely committed to ensuring the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum with exciting, challenging and memorable learning experiences. Our aim is for the children to be confident, independent, motivated learners, equipped to succeed and flourish at secondary school.

Please find below the link to the powerpoints that were delivered in school during the summer term.

Power point for parents info eve show

Please find below the link to the powerpoint that was delivered for English.

New Curriculum Meeting- English 8th July show

We currently provide a skills based curriculum, delivered primarily through Topic teaching. This means that we have identified a progression of essential skills for the children to learn in each subject, which teachers use for planning, monitoring and evaluating children’s progress.

The current topic cycle runs on a 2 year programme enabling teachers to plan in year group teams and ensuring that all children in the same year group receive the same opportunities irrespective of which class they are in.

Please click on the link below if you would like to see the Topic cycle for each Year group for the new curriculum

Year 1&2 topic cycle

Year 3&4 topic cycle

Year 5&6 topic cycle


Literacy and Numeracy are usually taught as discrete lessons unless they link specifically with the Topic.

We follow the South Glos scheme of work for R.E

Please click on the link to read our curriculum policy.

Curriculum Policy 2015

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