Helping with writing at home

writing at home

Writing plays a crucial role in communicating with others and we believe children should be inspired to write from an early age. There are many ways of helping your child to improve their writing skills and below are a few activities you could try.

We assess your child’s writing ability through the APP system. Each child is given a level and is then given different activities to help them improve their areas for development. Here are the different levelled grids and the criteria they must meet to be writing at that level:

New APP Writing Grid – Level 1 and FSP

New APP Writing Grid – Level 2

New APP Writing Grid – Level 3 (1)

New APP Writing Grid – Level 4

New APP Writing Grid – Level 5


In Key Stage One, your child will focus on particular phonemes (sounds) each week and will learn how to read and spell words which use these phonemes. In Key Stage 2, your child will be given a list of spellings each week. They will be expected to practise these and will be tested on them in class. Here are some helpful strategies to help your child with their spellings:

letter to parents about spelling at FFCE

Frampton Spelling Workshop 31st Jan







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