Upper KS2

Our Year 6 Production!

All backing tracks:

Newly added:  Who Will Buy Singing?

      21 b Who Will Buy Singing
  1. opening scene:
          1 Overture And Opening Scene


  2. Food glorious food:
          2 Food Glorious Food


  3. Oliver:
          3 Oliver

    3a. End of scene:

          3a end of scene


  4. Shall I scream:
          4 I Shall Scream


  5. Boy for sale:
          5 Boy For Sale


  6. That’s your funeral:
          6 That's Your Funeral

    6a. Intro: Where is Love

          6a Into 7 Where Is Love


    9. Consider yourself:

          9 Consider Yourself (3verses)

    11. You’ve got to pick a pocket or two:

          11 You've got to pick a pocket

    12. Intermezzo:

          12 Intermezzo

    13. It’s a fine life:

          13 It's A Fine Life

    14. I’d do anything:

          14 I'd Do Anything

    15. Be back soon:

          15 Be back soon

    15a. Capture of Oliver:

          15a Capture Of Oliver

    16. Oom-pah-pah:

          16 Oom-pah-pah

    17. My name:

          17 My Name

    18. As long as he needs me:

          18 As Long As He Needs me

    20. Where is love reprise:

          20 Where Is Love- Reprise

    23. It’s a fine life reprise:

          23 It's A Fine Life (reprise)

    24. Reviewing the situation:

          24 Reviewing The Situation

    26. As long as he needs me reprise:

          26 As Long As He Needs Me (reprise)

    28. Reviewing the situation reprise:

          28 Reviewing The Situation (reprise)

    30. Consider yourself finale:

          30 Consider Yourself (FINALE)

FCCE Conker Championships 2016

It is always at this time of year conkers are collected and Mr. Brydon carefully and lovingly prepares in excess of 300 of them for each and every child in school!  The championship doesn’t always default to the more skilful player – luck also plays a part.  This year’s winner was one of our youngest pupils!


Class 11 Assembly

Wow what a Harvest treat when Class 11 showed the school what they had been up to this term… Making soup for homeless; foraging fruit and a great bake off!  We hope you will spend a while enjoying the videos of their exploits.