Key Stage Results

Key Stage results


At the end of Reception, children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals. The excellent provision in our 2 small Reception classes gives children an extremely positive start to their school life.

Year 1 Phonics

In 2016 86% of our Year 1 pupils achieved national expectations in phonics.

In 2015 95% of our Year 1 pupils achieved national expectations in phonics (National 77%).

In 2016 33% achieved the required standard (1 out of 3 children)

87% of the children retaking in Year 2Phonics achieved the required standard in 2015(National 64%).

Good Level of Development in EYFS:

In 2016 80% of pupils at the school achieved GLD.

In 2015 78% of pupils at the school achieved GLD (National 61%).

Key Stage 1

In 2016 our results under the interim standards were as follows:

  Pre-KS1 Working towards Working at ARE Working at greater depth % children meeting or exceed ARE
Reading 2% 9% 36% 53% 89%
Writing 4% 33% 38% 25% 62%
Maths 7% 11% 44% 38% 82%

At Key Stage 1 in 2015, our Year 2 children (7 year olds), were expected to achieve a level 2b or above. In 2015 our children exceeded the national percentages for 2b+ , 2a+ and Level 3 in Reading, Writing and Maths.

 Level 2b+Level 2b+Level 2a+Level 2a+Level 3Level 3
Reading87% 82%71%59%44%32%

Key Stage 2

In 2016, under the new interim standards, our children achieved the following results:


Our progress results were as follows:

  Reading Writing Maths
FCCE % children with positive progress score 63% 82% 81%
FCCE Whole Cohort -0.31 4.91 2.11
National Floor Standard -5 -7 -5


At Key Stage 2, our Year 6 children (10/11 year olds), were expected to achieve a level 4b or above, and make at least two levels progress in English and Maths.

Our children attained above national expectations and we are incredibly proud of our excellent 2015 results, which put us as in the top 5% of comparable schools nationally.

In 2015, our pupils achieved the following results:

 Level 4+Level 5+Level 6
Spelling and Grammar95%81%10%

In 2015 100% of our pupils made at least 2 levels progress between KS1 and KS2 SATs in Writing and Maths, and 97% in Reading.

The following % of pupils made 3 levels progress between KS1 and KS2:

Reading 36%

Writing 31%

Maths 43%

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